Thursday, 17 March 2011

A short blog about stuff

No D&D Stupidity this week, since we were down the player for our artificer, and given that the party hasn't actually met her properly yet, it didn't seem fair to continue. So yeah, that'll hopefully pick up again next week.

Anyway, I don't actually have  topic for this week, since I haven't really be doing very much except playing video games. Oh, and I did some coursework too, but we don't care about that. I also started up a new deviantArt account for my writing, since my old one was full of all my disastrous attempts to draw things.

I came to the conclusion this week that Dragon Age is not really for me. I like being able to have conversations with all the party members and stuff, but for some reason, the goals seemed too vague and everything was kind of grey and brown and no amount of Morrigan and Sten deadpan snarking at everything was making it better. So I went and played Final Fantasy XIII instead (don't mock me; I know which one is the better game, XIII is just prettier).

And today I played Warcraft. Again. That's pretty much what I do every day that I can't be bothered actually leaving the flat, and since I woke up today feeling like a train had run over my skull, Warcraft it was.

Anyway, self-imposed posting obligations are now dealt with, and I'm going to slope off.

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