About Me and the Blog

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I thought I'd stick in an About Me, mostly for reasons pertaining to procrastination.

About Me
So, I go by Mint on the internet these days. Why? You know, I can't really remember, but I like it.

So me. I'm 19, female and studying English and Journalism at Stirling University. In my spare time, I can usually be found huddled behind a computer screen being antisocial. On rare occasions, I can also be found being the vice president of the University's Sci Fi society.

The activities I can normally be found doing while huddled behind the aforementioned computer screens usually consist of playing World of Warcraft, writing and reading far too many webcomics. I also play a lot of video games, usually JRPGs. Naturally, this means that Square Enix pretty much owns my soul. Except for the little bit that belongs to Atlus' Persona games, and also Pokemon.

About the Blog
This blog is an ill-guided attempt to try and be entertaining. Basically, I will ramble about almost anything that takes my fancy, and it may not always be very good.

About the Other Blog
As well as this place, I also have The Mint Marquee, where I post all of my short stories. Yes, I have a bit of a creative streak, although whether or not this is due to talent or desperation, I'm not sure.