Monday, 21 February 2011

Mint Gets Her Life Back

I'm not dead! I've also got so much caffeine currently running through my system that the world is slightly wibbly around the edges, so post coherance is probably at a minimum. The inevitable caffeine crash later on will no doubt be hilarious for my flatmates and any other witnesses.

Anyway, my incredibly, ridiculously long Christmas holiday came to an end today. Having three month long holidays seems amazing at first, but since I had no holiday work to tide me over, I lost my job and all my friends who go to other unis went back in early January, it all lost its shine very, very quickly. It didn't help that, despite all my attempts to chase my muse back to work with the customary big rubber brick, I had no writing inspiration whatsover. So I played Final Fantasy XIII and World of Warcraft, seasoned with a touch of Persona 3 and Shadow of Memories (which is awful, and you shouldn't play it. Or if you must, borrow it from someone, don't buy it).

So today, I was up at 8am, which is the earliest I've been out of bed in over a month and straight into three solid hours of lectures from 10 until 1. This needed two cups of coffee in rapid succession, one overloaded with far too much vanilla syrup, and thus the mad caffeine trip I'm on right now. That's also the reason why this post doesn't actually have a real topic; writing a blog post just seemed like a really good idea and I should go home and do it right now. So yeah, here we are. I apologise.

The closest thing you're getting as a point is that I am just super excited to be doing scholarly things again. This will have stopped by next week, when I will return to being a miserable bitch about the whole thing, and will return to writing irritatingly long posts about video games or something.

But until then, I'm gonna go bounce around the room and generally annoy the hell out of my flatmate :D


  1. But Shadow of Memories is a thinking mans masterpiece!!!

  2. Yes, a masterpiece of bad writing!