Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Short Post For An Old Friend

Last night I got to thinking. I realised that since the summer, I haven't really used my PS2, instead opting for Fable III and Final Fantasy XIII on my boyfriend's Xbox 360. Then I thought that it was a shame that none of the games due to be released that I want will be on that console, because you know what? I love my old, fat PS2.

When I first got it, I really wasn't much of a gamer, and as such, I can say with great regret that I did own the Pop Idol game. I can say with greater regret that I still own the Pop Idol game, however I have no idea where it is, nor any desire to know.

Anyway, at first, I was hot and cold on the whole gaming thing. There were long periods where the poor console would sit alone and unloved, until the summer when I picked up Final Fantasy VII, and thus began my three year slog to the finish line, with multiple restarts and distractions in between. The PS2 stuck with me though, and soon we picked up other favourites, such as La Pucelle: Tactics, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XII, Odin Sphere, and the Persona games.

We had some good times, me and that console. It was featured in a drawing that a friend did about an outburst I had while playing Final Fantasy XII ("MORE DRAGONS?!!!"), and it bore witness to the six times I was reduced to a tearful, wibbly wreck during Persona 3. It was also there for me in my trauma over getting the wrong ending in Persona 4 (I will explain this further in my next post, which will be Persona related), and my elation at finally, finally finishing La Pucelle. Not to mention that it has given me my cosplay idea for D-Con this coming March.

So here's to you Playstation 2. The Xbox may be shinier than you are, and the Playstation 3 may be shinier still (in literal terms) but you're still the best. I shall honour you in cosplay my friend.

Just... let's not talk about the whole Pop Idol thing, okay?

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